ECAI 2020 invites submissions for tutorial proposals. Tutorials will be held immediately prior to the technical conference. Tutorial attendance is included as part of the registration fee for the ECAI 2020 conference. Note that is not possible to register only for the tutorials.


ECAI 2020 hosts two kinds of tutorials: a) “standard” half­-day tutorials; b) 90-minute “spotlight” tutorials. Spotlight tutorials are meant to address emerging areas, techniques, methodologies and perspectives in AI or specialized topics. Standard tutorials are meant to cover rather established areas of AI such as Machine Learning, Knowledge Representation, Semantic Web, Natural Language Processing, and of course, topics in the overlap of such areas.


Tutorials should serve one or more of the following objectives:

    • Introduce novices to major topics within Artificial Intelligence.
    • Introduce expert non-specialists to an AI subarea.
    • Motivate and explain a topic of emerging importance for AI.
    • Survey a mature area of AI research and/or practice.
    • Provide instruction in established but specialized AI methodologies.
    • Present a novel synthesis combining distinct lines of AI work.
    • Introduce AI audiences to an external topic that can motivate or use AI research.
    • Mentor AI researchers (particularly, junior researchers) on a broad AI-relevant non-technical topic (examples could be AI jobs, or ethical issues in AI).

Tutorials are intended to cover reasonably well-established information in a balanced way. Tutorials should not be used to advocate a single avenue of research, nor should they promote a product. We encourage tutorials with a hands-on component or other interactive element. We also welcome tutorials with explicit ties to ECAI 2020 theme “Paving the way towards Human-Centric AI”. ECAI 2020 grants a free-registration per tutorial.

The Call for Tutorial proposals is available here.