List of accepted tutorials:

1Deep Learning in the FieldsStandardFranz Kurfess, Theresa Migler, Jean Davidson, Andrew Migler and Paul AndersonNot available yet.
2Scalable Deep Learning: How far is one billion neurons?StandardDecebal Constantin Mocanu, Elena Mocanu, Tiago Pinto and Zita ValeNot available yet.
3Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA Python StandardKaren BradshawNot available yet.
4Knowledge Graph Embeddings: From Theory to PracticeStandardLuca Costabello, Sumit Pai and Nicholas McCarthyNot available yet.
5Deep Learning for Graphs - Processing symbolic relationships with neural networksStandardDavide BacciuNot available yet.
6Graph Representation Learning in the Presence of Community OutliersSpotlightSambaran Bandyopadhyay, Saley Vishal Vivek and Narasimha Murty MustiNot available yet.
7Advances in Maximum SatisfiabilityStandardJeremias Berg, Matti Järvisalo and Ruben MartinsNot available yet.
8A Submodular Optimization Framework for Data, Feature and Topic SummarizationStandardRishabh Iyer and Ganesh RamakrishnanNot available yet.
9Tutorial on Distributed Constraint Optimization for the Internet-of-Things (DCOP for IoT)StandardGauthier Picard and Pierre RustNot available yet.
10Probabilistic Circuits: Representations, Inference, Learning and ApplicationsStandardAntonio Vergari, Yoojung Choi, Robert Peharz and Guy Van den BroeckNot available yet.
11StaRAI - Semantics and Symmetries in Exact Lifted InferenceStandardTanya Braun and Marcel GehrkeNot available yet.
12Probabilistic Inductive Logic ProgrammingStandardFabrizio RiguzziNot available yet.
13Data Driven Policy Learning in Real World Multi-Agent EnvironmentsSpotlightVaruna De SilvaNot available yet.
14Practical Uses of Existential Rules in Knowledge RepresentationStandardDavid Carral, Markus Krötzsch and Jacopo UrbaniNot available yet.
15Referring Expressions in Knowledge Representation SystemStandardDavid Toman and Grant WeddellNot available yet.
16Answer Set Programming: From Theory to PracticeStandardRoland Kaminski, Javier Romero, Torsten Schaub and Philipp WankoNot available yet.
17Measuring Algorithmic Fairness: challenges and solutions for the industryStandardLaura Alvarez Jubete, Andreea-Roxana Miu, Medb Corcoran and Steven TiellNot available yet.
18Argumentative Explanations in AISpotlightAntonio Rago and Francesca ToniNot available yet.
19Computational Argumentation in the context of Human-Agent InteractionStandardSimon Parsons, Elizabeth Sklar, Nir Oren, Nadin Kokciyan, Isabel Sassoon and Josh MurphyNot available yet.
20Explanation and Fairness in Unsupervised LearningSpotlightIan DavidsonNot available yet.
21Automatic Keyphrase Extraction from Text: A Walk-throughStandardEirini Papagiannopoulou, Ricardo Campos and Grigorios TsoumakasNot available yet.
22Belief Change: From 1985 to present daysStandardEduardo FerméNot available yet.
23Mathematical Morphology and Artificial IntelligenceStandardIsabelle Bloch, Samy Blusseau and Ramon Pino PerezNot available yet.
24Machine Learning Guided Program SynthesisSpotlightNathanaël FijalkowNot available yet.
25Defeasible Reasoning for OntologiesStandardIvan VarzinczakNot available yet.
26Cognitive Logics: Mechanisms Predicting Human Inference PatternsSpotlightGabriele Kern-Isberner and Marco RagniNot available yet.
27Cognitive Vision: On Deep Semantics for Explainable Visuospatial ComputingStandardMehul Bhatt and Jakob SuchanNot available yet.
28An Introduction to Vector Symbolic Architectures and Hyperdimensional ComputingSpotlightPeer Neubert, Kenny Schlegel and Stefan SchubertNot available yet.
29Combining IoT and ML for situation classificationSpotlightGürkan SolmazNot available yet.

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