This will be a meeting point for presentation, discussion and generation of new opportunities for researchers, industries and institutions. The Lab2M event will extend the usual activities of the ECAI Exhibition and Demos Space. Following previous ECAI experiences a call for systems demonstrations will be launched in order to allow universities, R+D institutes, and industries to present recent applied advances of AI. These demonstrations will live together with roundtables and discussion forums among industry, institutions, and AI scientists. Selected companies (among them, AI spin-offs) as well as EU Research officers and research organizations will be invited to discuss about the new opportunities and frameworks for AI-related research and transfer to industrial sectors and the society both in formal presentation and discussion events as well as informal meetings.

Some topics that will be discussed here are the relation and impact of AI with the productive sectors, and the social and economic impact of AI and Intelligent Systems in our daily life.

Chairs: Juan M. Corchado (University of Salamanca), Manuel Lama (CiTIUS-USC)