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The ECAI 2020 Organizing Committee invites Starting Researchers (those who have not been awarded a doctoral degree but also researchers with not more than three years of experience after getting their PhD) to apply for taking part in the Doctoral Consortium (DC) to be held in conjunction with the conference. The DC provides an opportunity for Starting Researchers to discuss their research interests and career objectives with established researchers in AI, to do networking with other participants, and to receive mentoring about career planning and career options.

It includes two main sessions:

  • Training (Morning of August 29). The focus will be in training transversal and communication skills. Participants will learn how to present their work in oral presentations with an emphasis in the practical case of a scientific elevator pitch for both the academy and industry.

This session will be chaired by Martin Holm Mortensen, Senior Project Manager at FundingBox Research; Master of Science in European & International Politics from The University of Edinburgh and Ba. in Public Administration from Roskilde University. 20 years of experience in startup management as a founder, c-level manager and on the Board of startups like ComputerPeople (Nordics), CapaSystems (USA + Denmark), CopenhagenDowntown (Denmark) and (UK + Bangladesh). During the last 7 years Martin has changed focus towards helping startups with commercialization, sales and investments externally as a Project Manager, Consultant and Investment Manager in some of Europa’s best accelerators and growth projects like the Fundingbox lead EU program “IMPACT Growth”, the Nordic accelerator “Accelerace Management” and the UK accelerator “NBG” in Nottingham. 

  • Elevator Pitch for Starting AI Researchers – EP4SR contest (Afternoon of August 30). This session is addressed to DC participants without a PhD yet. The EP4SR session is aimed at dissemination of the ongoing research developed by Starting Researchers. In practice, this is a contest where participants are expected to present and leverage their work to the AI community (e., their peers and senior AI researchers) and to receive feedback from elder researchers as well as guidance on future research directions. The EP4SR participants must describe the key points of their work in a short time, through informal short face-to-face networking presentations that may be supported by a poster or few slides in electronic format, and use a language style not only oriented to specialists in their respective topics, but for non-specialized attendants. Thus, the improvement of communicative and dissemination skills is also one of the main objectives of this contest. The contest winner will be awarded.

It is worth noting that DC is part of the ECAI 2020 Mentoring and Communication for Starting Researchers (MC4SR). Afternoon of August 29 and morning of August 30, DC participants are free either to work on their presentations for the EP4SR contest or to attend any ECAI tutorial or another MC4SR event. In particular, DC participants are encouraged to attend STAIRS. Besides, DC participants are invited to take part or at least to attend presentations of finalists in the 3MT contest (Wednesday 2). Also, there will be Lunch with a Fellow (Monday 31 and Wednesday 2). Of course, DC participants are encouraged to apply for being involved in these lunch events. Moreover, there will be a Job Fair (Tuesday 1) in which DC participants are encouraged to take part too.

If you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to get in touch with ECAI2020 DC Chairs:


Important Dates (All deadlines 23:59 UTC-12)

20 June 2020                     Doctoral Consortium application  

20 July 2020                      Doctoral Consortium notification 

Further Information for Doctoral Consortium Applicants


Accepted extended abstracts (2 pages) will be published in the Doctoral Consortium proceedings. Abstracts should be formatted according to the ECAI2020 formatting style defined for Highlights. Details are available at ECAI2020 website:


All participants are required to register at least for the ECAI MC4SR event (there are no extra fees for the Doctoral Consortium) but they are encouraged to register also for the main conference. Pay attention to reduced fees for students.

Travel Grants

A limited number of EurAI travel grants will be available.

Application details

Applications must be submitted by the deadline as a pdf-file via the ECAI2020 DC Easychair:

Applicants should submit (as a single PDF file) the following:

  • A curriculum vitae (2 pages) with background (name, university), education (degree sought, year/status in degree, previous degrees), employment, and relevant experience in research (publications, presentations, conferences attended, etc.).
  • An extended abstract (2 pages) that summarizes the research problem being investigated, the specific contributions made, and directions for the remaining work. In particular, please write about how the research you are trying to do is done today; what are its limits; what is new in your approach; why do you think it will be successful; if successful, what difference will it make; and the evaluations to check for success.
  • A personal statement (1 page) with answers to the following questions:
    • Have you submitted an article to the main ECAI 2020 conference and/or an ECAI 2020 workshop?
    • Have you been awarded a PhD?

In case of replying YES,

      • When did you get your PhD?
      • What is your current job?


      • When do you expect to graduate?
      • What type of job do you desire after graduation (research, teaching, development, etc.) and what do you envision doing for the next five years after graduation?

Contact and updates

Any questions about the Doctoral Consortium should be directed to the Doctoral Consortium Chairs:

Ulises Cortés (Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Univ. Politècnica de Catalunya) 

Jose María Alonso (CiTIUS, USC)