Events postponed

The European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) have moved their annual meeting from early June to August 29 to September 2. This is in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. ECAI will still be held in the beautiful town of Santiago de Compostela.

As ECAI is kindly hosting the ICGA events for 2020 (World Computer Chess Championship; Computer Olympiad; Computers and Games conference), we are also changing dates.

My sincere apologies for the challenges this will cause some of you. The move is in all our best interests. These are difficult days, and it is prudent to be cautious.

Thank you for your understanding. I hope to see you in Spain at the end of August.

ICGA President Jonathan Schaeffer

Jan Krabbenbos, March 16, 2020.

List of events

Computers and Games 2020 (CG2020)

The CG conference is an internationally renowned conference that publishes the studies of artificial intelligence applied to computer games. CG2020 will be held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in conjunction with the 23rd Computer Olympiad, the World Computer Chess Championship, and the ECAI conference.

Call for papers:


23rd Computer Olympiad

The Olympiads provide a venue for exploring AI techniques in a number of games. Some games are no longer in the Olympiad because they have been solved (e.g., awari, checkers, 2-player poker). Recent Olympiad competitions have included: Amazons, Block Go, Breakthrough, Chinese chess, Chinese checkers, Chinese dark chess, Connect6, Dice Shogi, Digital Curling, Dots and Boxes, 10×10 Checkers/Draughts, EinStein Würfelt Nicht, Gomoku, Hex 11×11, Hex 11×13, Kyoto Shogi, Mahjong, Minishogi, Nonogram, Othello, Outer-Open Gomoku, Shogi, and Surakarta.

Your favorite game is not on the list? Propose it to the organizers! The call for entries will be available soon!


World Computer Chess Championship (WCCC)

Computer chess competitions have been held annually since 1970. The first World Computer Chess Championship was held in 1974. Today, computer programs are superhuman and every year get even stronger. The last human victory against a world-class chess playing program under tournament conditions was in 2005. The WCCC will be held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in conjunction with the Computers and Games conference, 23rd Computer Olympiad, and the ECAI conference.

More information regarding these events is available at the International Computer Games Association website: